Top 5 Tips to Beat Cravings

1. Eat enough throughout the day 

If you’re skipping meals or not eating enough at each meal, chances are you’re going to be starving by the evening. This often leads to overeating or making poorer food choices by reaching for processed foods for a quick-fix. 

Processed foods may satisfy you in the moment however, they often spike blood sugar levels and end up leaving you just as hungry as you were before! What follows is usually an energy slump, where you then reach for more sugar. It’s a sure way of ending up on the blood sugar rollercoaster. 

To avoid this, ensure you’re eating a satiating breakfast and lunch with added snacks in-between if needed.

2. Eat a protein-rich snack when you feel your energy begins to dip

Choosing a protein-rich snack means you’re stabilising your blood sugars and are less likely to reach for sugary pick-me-up foods instead. There’s nothing wrong with having a snack if you need to, just try to make it balanced as opposed to highly processed. It’s much better to have a snack rather than trying to hold out for your next meal and leaving yourself starving.

3. Include all the important macronutrients in your meals throughout the day

Macronutrients are the proteins, carbohydrates and fats in food.

Cravings can be a sign that what you’re eating isn’t satisfying your body’s needs and your body is likely lacking in key nutrients. Eating balanced meals which include complex carbs, protein, healthy fats and also fibre helps balance your blood sugar levels, keeps you fuller and more satiated throughout the day. This really helps to sustain energy levels as well. 

Juicing is a great way of getting more nutrients in – just remember to juice more veg than fruit!

4. Tune into WHY you’re snacking on sugary foods

Often, it’s not necessarily genuine hunger but rather out of habit, boredom or driven by emotions like stress.

Try to identify what your triggers are. Could you do something else instead? For example, if you’re feeling stressed could you take 5 minutes away from your desk, go for a walk or speak to a friend?

If it is hunger driving your snacking, that’s absolutely fine! Have some protein-rich snacks available.

5. Stay hydrated throughout the day

It’s common to interpret thirst for hunger. Aim to drink 2L of water daily; not only will this help keep you full and feeling hydrated, it’s fantastic for your skin, metabolism, immune health…the list goes on!