Spice Up Your Health

 Using culinary spices is a relatively easy and cheap way of supporting health as spices confer many health benefits. They are packed with phytonutrients that protect our bodies by reducing harmful amounts of inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Eating a diet rich in spices has been associated with improved blood sugar regulation, blood vessel health, digestive health, a greater sense of fullness from meals and enhance the taste of foods.

You can buy spices in their fresh, dried, whole, cracked, coarsely ground and finely ground forms.

As with all plant foods, eating a variety of different spices regularly helps to best support health as our gut bacteria thrive on diversity from different sources.

Cardamom: anti-inflammatory, supports blood sugar levels, cell protection, heart health, fights oral     bacteria

Cayenne pepper: the active ingredient is capsaicin which has been shown to support weight management as it has fat burning properties and is anti-inflammatory

Cinnamon: anti-inflammatory, blood sugar health, heart health as it has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in blood

Cumin: blood sugar health, cell protection, heart health

Fennel: digestive health, hormonal health 

Garam masala: anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, enhances nutrient absorption from other vitamins and minerals, helps to regulate blood pressure thus improving overall heart health

Garlic: anti-inflammatory, blood sugar health, blood vessel health, cell protection, heart health, liver health 

 Ginger: anti-inflammatory, blood sugar health, cell protection, digestive health, heart health, pain relief 

 Saffron: blood sugar health, brain health, cell protection, heart health 

 Turmeric: contains the compound curcumin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, supports blood sugar health, brain health, digestive health, heart health

*If you are taking any medications or are pregnant, please consult your Healthcare provider before consuming spices

Tips for Eating More Spices

1. Add cinnamon or ginger to smoothies or hot drinks

2. Sprinkle cumin, red pepper or fennel seeds in soups

3. Stew fruits with a cinnamon stick, cardamom and a vanilla pod

4. Marinate lean meats in spice or your choice or a curry paste

5. Sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg over porridge or whole-grain toast for breakfast