My Approach

Unlock your true vitality

I adopt a Functional Medicine approach which is both holistic and science-led. The guiding principle is getting to the root cause of your health issues.

Symptoms are the body’s way of telling you that something is out of balance. Rarely is there one event that causes poor health. It’s often a series of events which line up to create the ‘perfect storm’ for developing a condition or a group of symptoms. 

I act like a health detective to identify what is causing your symptoms and why they are continuing.

Shona Kennedy Nutritional Therapist
Shona Kennedy Nutritional Therapist

To do this I will take a full case history in order to gather clues from your past, arrange any necessary testing and conduct science-based research to identify what is impacting your health. I will then formulate a protocol to address your issues. The key to this is the development of a personalised plan, which includes nutritional advice and, if relevant to your case, specialised dietary programs (such as gut healing, hormone balancing or weight-loss for example), supplements if appropriate, stress-management techniques and sleep health. 

This individualised methodology means there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. For example, if you and a friend have the same symptoms or have been diagnosed with the same condition, you won’t receive the same treatment plan because your journeys will be entirely different and unique. 

I like to explain to clients from the start that although there’s plenty of my advice which can be readily applied to hep you, it does take time to find root causes, conduct any testing and connect all the dots to best optimise your health. I’m often asked ‘how long will it take to feel better’ and this really depends on the complexity of your case. It’s rather like committing to increase your fitness for a 10k run; a one-off session at the gym or going to a class every once in while isn’t going to achieve your goal of completing that run.

For more straightforward cases, an initial consultation and a follow-up appointment may be sufficient; for more complex areas such as autoimmunity or hormonal issues, this takes longer and a package would be more suitable.   

This is why you’ll see I offer packages as a way of working with me over a period of time. This may differ to other practitioners you may have worked with who offer individual appointments.

Shona Kennedy Nutritional Therapist