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Shona Kennedy Nutritional Therapist
Shona Kennedy Nutritional Therapist

Wellness in the Workplace

Workplace nutrition events and corporate wellbeing days are popular with many organisations who want to support the health and wellbeing of their workforce. There is no question that healthier and happier employees are certainly likely to be more effective and productive!

Often employees have a good idea of what they need to do to improve their health but don’t know where to start and struggle to implement new habits. I provide a variety of simple yet effective tips and techniques to arm your employees with the necessary tools to help them take control of their health. 

There’s much more to improving nutrition in the workplace than simply providing a healthy option in the canteen. I offer different ways of working together to suit your place of work and to empower your team with the skills, techniques and knowledge to transform their health and productivity. 

Ways to work together

Nutrition talks

I offer a wide-range of talks and can tailor to what is most relevant to your workplace. Popular topics include ‘Why a Healthy Gut is the Foundation to Good Health’; ‘Good Mood Food’; ‘Become Young at any Age’ and ‘Eating for Energy’.

Seminars and Webinars

These can be tailored to your organisation to cover your team’s requirements and working environment. Sessions can be delivered as a one-off workshop or you can create a workplace wellness program bespoke to your employees’ needs.

Pop-up Clinic

Employees can receive bespoke nutrition advice in one of my pop-up nutrition clinics. I offer 30-minute one-to-one health reviews where employees will leave with personalised top-tips and guidance. These can be provided in-person or digitally.

These services can be provided either in-person or via Zoom.

Shona Kennedy Nutritional Therapist

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